If you are an accredited investor and would like to register to become a member of the Niagara Angel Network please fill out an on-line registration and payment form:
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You may also download and print an application here: then mail your information and payment to:

Niagara Venture Forum ATTN: Terry Kadwell
PO Box 519
Port Colborne, Ontario
L3K 5X7

Questions? Email: info@niagaraventureforum.com

Benefits of Angel Membership
  1. The Niagara Angel Network provides an organized platform from which to make sound business decisions.  By working together and often investing as a group, you mitigate risk by gaining insight and the ability to review deals from all angles.
  2. Investing as part of the Niagara Angel Network allows you to diversify across a wide portfolio of companies.
  3. Included in your membership is complimentary admission to all Niagara Venture Forum events where you will have the opportunity to meet high quality, prescreened entrepreneurs with businesses that are ready for growth.
  4. Members new to Angel investing can learn and access resources through workshops organized by the Niagara Venture Forum.
  5. By working together as the Niagara Angel Network we are investing in the future of our region and growing the economy one business at at time.
Need more reasons?  Head over to our Resource section and click "Ten Reasons to Become a Member of NAN"
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